Anatomie Physiotherapy 

Private Physiotherapy

Experts in Spine, Knee, Shoulder,

Elbow and Joint Care

England Beach Football Team

Official and Exclusive Physiotherapy / Medical providers to the England Beach Football Team.

Foundation of International Musculoskeletal Medicine

Awarded 5 STARS for Clinical Excellence & Academic Research.

NHS Covid Testing

Our employees are regularly tested for COVID-19. Helping us keep you safe.

Mill Hill Physiotherapy Parking

Anatomie Physiotherapy

Bunns Lane

Mill Hill


The lines in blue indicate free parking.  Please note that there is restrictions in these areas between 11am – 12pm daily.  Parking is available in these areas anytime, apart from these times.

Parking is also available in Mill Hill station car park.  The charge for this is £2.50 for 1hr.

Anatomie Physiotherapy