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What to do in the first few days after an injury

Following an injury don't do anything that reproduces your pain for the initial two or three days. 

After that, you need to get it moving or other problems will develop.

Our physios can diagnose your problem and give you a clear indication of your best course of action.

Researchers have found that in most cases early physio intervention for acute soft tissue injuries is very beneficial  
Ice should be applied for the first two or three days following an injury such as ligament sprains, muscle tears or bruising.

Apply ice for 20 minutes every two to three hours for the first few days until the "heat" comes out of the injury.

Always place a cloth between the ice and your skin.
Avoid heat (and heat rubs) in the first 48 hours of injury. Heat will encourage bleeding at the site of the injury if used too early.

Apply heat with a heat pack for 20 minutes a few times a day to increase the blood flow and hasten your healing rate.

Heat will also help your muscles relax and ease your pain.

This brief guide is only for general information. If you are at all concerned about any aspect of your injury you should always seek medical advice. For free injury specific advice Contact us>>>
Nobody wants to be in pain, but it’s an essential evil that tells us something is wrong.

hen first pain strikes often most people's first reaction is to take a tablet to reduce it. But numbing your body with medication doesn't make the problem go away. The problem is still there! The drug merely fools your body so you can't feel it ... For a while!

Pain medication has its place but the sensible thing to do is discover what's causing the pain and address the underlying cause and that's where we start.

We will provide you with an accurate clinical diagnosis of your condition and will explain your problem to you in a way you can understand. Once you are fully aware we will then discuss the best plan of action and if agreed can begin treatment immediately.

In Pain? Don't Wait!

When you are in pain it makes no sense to prolong the agony any more than you have to. We can determine the cause and start you on the road to recovery right away. With acute injuries early intervention can make all the difference. Waiting can often result in a secondary problem which is harder to resolve and can prolong the recovery process.

If we can help, we'll tell you. If we can't, we'll refer you to someone who can.

Put your trust in the hands of the professionals… we have built a reputation for getting results and successfully treating people like you ............ Call us now
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