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50% Discount
You pay only £21 (normally £42) for a full 30 minute physio session

Call 020 8907 7666 or email for an immediate appointment.
Please quote ‘”LET’S DO IT OFFER'

Terms & Conditions:
1. You are eligible for this special discount if you are not currently undergoing treatment for the injury. 2. One voucher per person. 3. Self payers only 4. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 5. Appointments subject to availability. 6. Anatomie Healthcare has the right to withdraw or alter the offer at any time.

This Voucher is valid until 31st December 2015

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Offer open to all registered charity runners … massages can be used pre and post run.

Terms and Conditions apply

Call 020 8907 7666

for the details

Let’s do it! - Make the time

“Those who have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness." Edward Stanley, The Earl of Derby

No Time, no time, it’s the excuse we often use when it comes to keeping active and exercising. In this over-scheduled world there never seems to be enough time, but bear in mind that when Mr. No-Time visits, it's usually your health that suffers.

If you exercise, you generally live longer -- years longer. And those years are healthier, especially as you age. You’ll have more energy, be more independent and you’ll get more done in less time.

Busy as we may be, we have less trouble finding time for television, social networking or even dull household tasks, because there simply aren’t the same steep psychological barriers such as lack of motivation, lack of enjoyment, negative associations, fear of injury or even low self esteem.

How will a sedentary lifestyle be affecting you next year? In five or 10 years?

Will you have time for multiple doctors appointments? Will you have the time to take medication every day to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes

It’s really only common sense if you really want to live a healthy and long life to look after your health. You'll look better, feel better, and accomplish much, much more.

Whatever your goals, whether it’s to run a marathon or just improve your health take advantage of our special offers to help you on your way.
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Take your first step on the road to recovery today!

Call 020 8907 7666 ...