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Having your 'own' physiotherapist on hand either in one of our clinics or in your place of work is the most cost effective way to reduce some of the biggest causes of absenteeism.
Our bodies are not designed to cope with the repetitive nature of some jobs or long hours glued to a computer screen. Sitting for long periods with poor posture and limited movement places your body under stress. Often the solution is simple if you rectify bad habits and treat the symptoms before they turn into a chronic problem.

The most common problems we come across are back and neck pain, followed closely by work related upper limb disorders associated with repetition of a particular activity (e.g. keyboard or mouse use). Physiotherapists are the medically recognised experts in musculoskeletal function and movement so we are ideally placed to relieve your symptoms and then if required analyse and advise on improving workplace environments to reduce the potential of re-injury.

Cost Effective Physiotherapy for Businesses

We provide a range of services including ergonomic assessments, return to work programmes and In-house physiotherapy for businesses both large and small and can be designed to run alongside existing occupational health or medical services.

Whatever business you are in and whatever the size our scheme offers members discounted treatment provided by highly experienced physiotherapists and a range of excellent benefits, including:-
* Priority appointments booking for members
* Early morning, evening and weekend appointments to fit around working schedules.
* Guidance on a co-ordinated rehabilitation programme if requires time off work is needed
* Advice on a graded return to work if required
* Reporting service to help coordinate rehabilitation with the client, their employer and other specialists (i.e. orthopaedic surgeons)
* Ergonomic workstation assessment to prevent problems before they arise
* Advice on the purchase of any specialist ergonomic equipment & aids
* Staff & management training on posture, back care and ergonomics
* Direct access to injury advice: call or email a physiotherapist for help if needed
* Discounted access to services such as massage to help maintain a fit & healthy workforce
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