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We actively encourage clinical research and continued professional development and many of our therapists have had their works published in professional medical journals. We also provide 'expert advice' for newspapers and magazines.

Listed below are just some of the articles and publications.

  • Nisha Mistry, Solomon Abrahams (2008) Achilles Tendonitis, the recovery and rehabilitation, Journal of Fitness Professional, FITPRO, Nov 2008
  • Solomon Abrahams, (2008) Phonophoresis of non-steroidal drugs: a review of the clinical evidence. International Musculoskeletal Medicine, 30, 1, 37-44
  • Solomon Abrahams, Stephen Chadwick (2008) Trans abdominal preperitoneal laproscopic approach for sportsman’s hernia, Surgical Endoscopy, accepted for publication, awaiting date.
  • Solomon Abrahams (2008) Injury Time and the healing process of tissues, Journal of Fitness Professional FITPRO , Jan 2008
  • Solomon Abrahams, Richard Ellis, (2007) Clinical considerations involving the infra-patellar fatpad, Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine, 29, 2, 42-47
  • Solomon Abrahams (2007) A Joint Affair, does Glucosamine help, a review of the Evidence, Journal of Fitness Professional FITPRO Nov 2007
  • Solomon Abrahams (2007) The Sportsman’s Hernia and Groin pain, Journal of Fitness Professional FITPRO, August 2007
  • Solomon Abrahams, Richard Ellis (2006) Patellofemoral Instability: a clinical review, Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine, 28, 3, 128-134
  • Solomon Abrahams (2005) Acupuncture treatment for a rotator cuff tear and avoidance of surgery, Acupuncture in Medicine, 38-43
  • Solomon Abrahams, Andrew Bannan (2005) Infrapatellar bursitis, an often forgotten pathology of the knee, Journal of orthopaedic Medicine, 27, 2 84-89
  • Solomon Abrahams (2005) The reliability of a new orthopaedic test for patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome, Journal of Orthopaedic medicine, 27, 1, 22-28
  • Solomon Abrahams, Caroline Tourvas (2004) Relationship between impingement syndrome and instability of the Glenohumeral Joint, Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine, 26, 1, 7-16
  • Solomon Abrahams, Nicola Speirs (2003) Pharmacology education & prescribing rights, the need? Society of Orthopaedic Medicine Times, 2, 10
  • Solomon Abrahams, Deryl Gulliford, Pirkko Korkia, Joanne prince (2003) The Influence of leg positioning in exercise programmes for Patellofemoral joint pain, Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine, 25, 3, 106-113
  • Solomon Abrahams, James Kern (2003) Atypical Groin pain (sportsman’s hernia): A Review. In Critical Reviews, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 15 (1): 41-46
  • Solomon Abrahams, Peter Demetriou (2002) A Comparison of the benefits of Physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory drugs for Osteoarthritis of the knee, Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine, 24, 3, 79-86
  • Solomon Abrahams (2002) Postural Intervertebral Disc Displacement, an increasing problems, a case study, Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine, 24, 1, 19-25
  • Solomon Abrahams, James Kern (2001) Anterior Knee pain, Plica syndrome, Physiotherapy Journal, 87, 10, 523-528
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