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Become a Sports Club Partner

Register your club today and get some great benefits!

Many of our Physiotherapists work closely with elite athletes and even Premiership football clubs and are very experienced in dealing with the complete spectrum of sports injuries from the acute injury to the all too common chronic overuse problems.
As a Sports Club Partner your members will be entitled to:-
  • 50% off the cost of an initial physio assessment/treatment session
  • 10% member discount on all follow up Physio sessions
  • 10% discount off sports massage sessions
  • Priority access to physiotherapy sessions
  • We can provide articles for your newsletters if required
Note:Terms and Conditions Apply
Signing up to the sports club partner scheme is free ….

All we request is the means to contact your members to inform them of the services and discounts that we can offer. This can either be done by us, or through your club. To help cement the relationship we would also like to display a poster and leaflets at your club, and create a link to our website.
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